Lemongrass is a smart little Thai restaurant in an incongruously ugly setting. Situated opposite a car park it also overlooks Lamcy Plaza, but don’t let that put you off – bamboo blinds mean you won’t have to spend the evening looking at the neon eyesore. Indeed it’s easy to forget the hideous location once you’re safely inside experiencing the awrm welcome and wamer décor. Natural garden colours give the place a sunny feel, with wicker chairs, water features and Thai flowers all adding to the Asian ambience. The calm and serenity is marred only by the dire sounds of Phil Collins on the stereo system, but we weren’t there to sample the music. The menu is comprehensive, covering all the Thai favourites such as green curry, spicy beef and special noodles. Avoiding the mass of deep-fried dishes we started with grilled mixed seafood with traditional Thai dip and a spicy seafood soup. The soup was excellent, a meal in itself with hints of lemongrass and coriander adding real flavour. The generous platter of seafood (king prawns, baby hammour and squid) wasn’t nearly as impressive; it would have perhaps fared better if served warm. No sooner had we finished than dishes were whisked away and replaced by two mountainous and gleaming plates of steamed rice. These came with stir-fried prawns in garlic and Thai basil and a whopping bowl of chicken and young aubergine with green curry sauce. The latter was far superior – flavoursome, aromatic and comfortably filling. The fish dish in comparison didn’t quite hit the mark, the taste of prawns being drowned out by a liberal sprinkling of chilli. Two courses was more than ample, good news really as there isn’t much in the way of tempting dessert. If you’re a fan of sweet sticky rice (we discovered we weren’t) you’re in luck, otherwise we recommend the seasonal fruits (pineapple, mango, watermelon and strawberries). No alcohol is served at Lemongrass but there is a good selection of fruit juices on offer. However, don’t indulge in too many of these during your meal: ‘The toilet is really dirty,’ we were told between courses ‘so please make sure to use the one at the business centre next door.’