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Posted on July 30, 2017, 11:30 am
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What is a Breakfast Club? Let us get straight to it… With around 4 outlets opening each day in Dubai according to The National back in August 2016, places Dubai as a whopping Foodie central and with so much choice it’s good to know ‘where to go’, ‘what’s new’ and the ‘off-the-radar’ places right?!

We’ll we set up a Breakfast Club and some of our #toptravallers were set the challenge to discover the Best Breakfast Spots in Dubai, but we didn’t just want them to tell us, “the food was good, service average and the decor a little dated”.  We aren’t those type of reviewers.  Our Travall Live reviews allow you to see exactly what our Travallers did and also the videos might whet that appetite of yours.

They say it should be the biggest meal of the day.

They also say it’ll set you up to take on anything.

They also say IIIIIIIIIIttttttt’s gggrrreeeeeeeaat! (Well Tony The Tiger did)

Each week we’ll be reporting the best places we’ve discovered and here is this week’s installment.


Pier 7, Dubai Marina

This is a review from one of it’s biggest fans on Instagram he goes by @ajridgway.

The Scene is my Breakfast Club recommendation, it’s bright, friendly, the food is served quickly and the restaurant is always clean. You’ll see it’s got a ‘thrown-together’ theme, and it works.  Whenever I have meetings in or around the Marina, I’ll always try to schedule some thing here.  The views are brilliant, and if you’ve got guests in town, this is a super starting point for their day.

This is a ‘weekend’ Breakfast Club Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am – 12pm.

Pricing is on the edge of value.  The lunch deals are brilliant AED 35 for the Business Lunch – must check it out.

#Imatravaller and I recommend @thescenedubai.

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Dubai Marina Mall

It’s a welcomed sight seeing a familiar face, when coming from London, there are many Carluccio’s dotted around the city, that we simply had to ‘pop in’ to see how they fared against the UK memories.

The menu was exactly what was expected from the Italian Bistro dining style.  I love the bright and open feel to this brand and the deli is super.

I wouldn’t say I am one of life’s judgers, but… exactly!  BUT, I do think serving tea/coffee in cups with handle holes built for a 3 year old are ridiculous.  This is no direct reflection on this experience, but a coffee cup needs a handle!

The breakfast is good, it’s what you’d expect.  It didn’t wow us for quality of food and the price seems slightly uncomfortable when positioned against value.

Average price for two people: AED 210

Breakfast timings: all day breakfast starting from 8am – 11pm


Dubai Marina Mall

It’s a Tuesday morning and I’m an hour early for my meeting, so I’ve headed to Shakespeare’s & Co. in Dubai Marina Mall for a cheeky breakfast treat.  I love the decor of these cafés, charming, cottage feel with a degree of commercialism now.  However, for a tourist, they are the ‘perfect tea house’ (which by total chance I heard whilst writing this blog post). The food is fresh, you’ll see from my video that they take care and enjoy their work, the staff here are great.  I’ve been to other branches (DIFC) where the staff need some additional customer service training, but here they shine.

As a halal café you won’t get your fix of pork, but I do recommend the veal bacon on your scrambled eggs.  The coffee is good, but lacks depth.  I recommend, but let me know what you think.

Average price for two people: AED 200

Breakfast timings: all day breakfast starting from 7am – 1am



Wasl Square, Al Safa, Dubai

The first time I went into Book Munch Café was for a one hour meeting, the second was a Saturday morning and I stayed there over 5 hours.  There’s something great about sitting in one place, comfortable, reading a book you’ve borrowed, sending a few emails and writing what’s in your head and spilling your heart over the love for a delicious pot of Earl Grey.  All sounds a little too charming huh?  This is a quaint venue, you’d imagine to find the concept next to Central Park in New York.

I recommend watching the video and seeing for yourself what you can expect to experience.  Absolute recommendation if you fancy losing yourself, catching up on world news or diving in the the next edition of James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces.

Average price for two people: AED 200

Breakfast timings: all day breakfast starting from 7:30am – 10pm

#Imatravaller and I recommend @bookmunch.


Media City, Dubai

Dubai Media City was my meeting point and although there are a few more popular breakfast spots around I decided to head to Oreganos.  You’d know it for the pretty good pizzas it delivers.  I thought I’d try this unlikely venue to fuel my day.

You’ll see from the video we filmed more of the afternoon/popular dishes, but the breakfasts are in fact very good.  Not expected and I actually thought it was more of a fast food pizza place, but sat there watching people commute to work, the breakfast Panzerotti was great, although the accompanying Orange Juice served in a plastic container felt like I had to rush out of there.

Average price for two people: AED 150

Breakfast timings: all day breakfast starting from 8am – 12am


If you have a venue which you think deserves to be reviewed, then please do let us know and we’ll get in touch right away.

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