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Adam Ridgway
Posted on April 19, 2017, 12:04 pm
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Travall video marketing strategy

So you’ve decided realised you need a video marketing strategy – but you need to know what it takes to create an awesome video marketing strategy.  We’re always here to help advise you, and this blog post is no exception.  A super strategy will maximise the potential of your videos building an engaging and lasting connection with your audience.

In this blog, we’re going to share how to build a video marketing strategy, enabling you to set out your road map to success. The first thing you might need to grab (before you head towards the camera) is a pen and paper – let’s take some notes.

Step 1: Establish your goals.

What success means to you? If you’re new to video, you’re unlikely to go viral with your first one – it’s incredibly difficult to create a viral video – the biggest factor is the ‘shareability’ and your target market.  Don’t stumble or focus on this, focus on the outcome… we imagine it’s ROI.  Let’s start there.

Video marketing is a process of building lasting relationships between your business and brand and your viewers. Think ‘long-game’ The aim is to steadily increase your views and engagement over time.

Set aside time every month to review your video analytics reporting. Do not create content and sit back and expect customers, analyse your statistics (we can also help guide you here with a free consultation).

Your general analytics will highlight the following:


At a glance how many plays and impressions your videos have earned. If a video has been especially popular or unpopular – it’s time to understand why.


Where in the world your videos are being enjoyed – understand more about your audience. This feature is really useful if you’re trying to enter a new market – you can see if these viewers are interacting with your messages and call to action.


Do you know which videos perform the best?  If so, you can make more content in a similar style.


How did people find your video? Removing the guesswork around how people find your content makes it easier for you to reach them – this is crucial it will also include SEO, Digital PR and real and current Social Media understanding of content and trends.

Track each viewer

Track individual users to see how they engage with your videos. Is there a part of your latest video that lots of people pause/rewind/re-watch? Or do a majority of viewers switch off after a certain point? This is so important to know.  Durations, engagement pegs, messaging are all fundamental.

travall digital marketing experts

video marketing strategy – the steps to awesome

Step 2: Define the content to will boost sales and interest your viewers.

If your business is a start-up, there’s a high probability you won’t have a deep knowledge of your audience. However, you will know about your business. So it’s a journey of education. Determine which parts of the business will benefit from video marketing, for example new products, promotions, events, sales, external/internal communications. “But what types of video content work best for each of these?”  Great question.  We’re here if you have these questions, reach out to us and see how we can help.


Building this part of your video marketing strategy we recommend spending some time researching what’s currently popular online. As a starting point, the following types of video content are popular:


Test Out Different Ideas

If you haven’t a clue of what your audience is interested in, don’t let that put you off. Use your existing knowledge of your customer demographic and your imagination! Travall can help you here too.  Oh and competitive research is always a good approach.

Try out different ideas, and see what gets the most traction, working with a great agency should offer you low cost and engaging ideas – the benefits are with a small edit, you’ll have refreshed, recycled content to re-use (recycled pixels!). Any video with levels of high engagement, and many shares, indicates high levels of viewer interest.

Before long, the type of videos that appeal most to your audience should become clear. By zoning in on what works for your viewers, you wil improve your content over time.

Write your marketing mission statement. Here’s a suggestion:

At Travall, we make video for businesses. The aim of video is to support consumer facing businesses to gain more customers.

Step 3: Incorporate videos into your social media strategy.

Are you primarily publishing your videos on your website? promoting them on social channels is very important! Videos that are popular on the main social media platforms will play a key role in driving viewers to your site – as it helps with your SEO (Social Media channels are a great tip to help with your SEO).

What if you don’t have ‘millions’ of fans or followers? Try to build good working relationships with influencers, or other businesses and friends. They will usually be happy to promote your videos – just make sure the story is worth sharing!


Step 4: Integrate video into your website.

Make your video content easily accessible for website users!  Why wouldn’t you?  You’ve invested enough already. Create a video hub as well as use video throughout your website. Store and categorise your video content so it can be easily found. The categories can be reflective of your business.

Relevant videos should be placed alongside text-based information. For example, let’s imagine you have a restaurant and bar, you want customers to come visit, but why not also have videos to showcase your signature cocktails or chef’s signature dishes. Useful, interesting, fun and tempting!

Click here to see one we created for The Best Gin and Tonic!

The Best Gin & Tonic ever Travall World

Step 5: Decide who does what.

Whether you’re working with a professional production company or not, you need to know how to manage the production process. You’ll need to decide which members of your team are responsible for filming, editing, and hiring talent.  As a company we don’t just produce content, but also publish it for you as well as train your staff to help promote your business to audiences greater than your own.

Producing high quality videos can take time. The time you can commit to this must be reflected in your marketing strategy, or work with a team you trust who can deliver content on time, when you need it – create a library of readily accessible content – be organised. Don’t commit to producing one video per video per week if you realistically don’t have the time, team or budget.

Summary: Plan, plan and err plan!

We know it’s tempting to jump straight in and start making video, yield that thought just for a moment – this isn’t the best strategy. A considered, carefully planned approach to video is the one that will yield the greatest results.

Once you’re happy with your video marketing strategy, then it’s time to get recording!


Please do ask our advice, expertise and we can be available to support your video marketing strategy.

If you have any comments on this blog, please do leave them, we love hearing from you.

Happy filming,

Adam Ridgway.


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