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Adam Ridgway
Posted on May 17, 2017, 11:58 am
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Video Marketing Strategy Dubai

Free Video Marketing Advice : Start Up Business Dubai: Over 45% of the UAEs GDP is made up of Start up businesses.  Dubai especially is a hub of opportunity and one’s network provides the wealth of possibility.  We are very much sat within the digital revolution and no more is ‘video’ a sector to consider – if you’re not already working on your content strategy and producing libraries of engaging versatile visual content – you will fall behind, your business unfortunately will suffer.  I’ve written other blog entries giving advice and last week I received a thank you call from ‘someone who knew someone’, who recommended the blog to answer some of their questions.  A simple thank you was charming, but the reward was they used the free video marketing advice, offered to buy me a coffee for a low down on the future. That call was the catalyst for this instalment.

If you’ve read ‘How To Create An Awesome Video Marketing Strategy‘ You’ll know the elements to consider. This article is going to address this fact, No matter how great your product or services are, how will your customers buy in if they don’t appreciate the value? As budgets are tightened, and every fil, cent. penny becomes more valuable a very easy decision could be to pause video investment.  However, it is just that, an investment.

I’m going to explain how to plan and execute an engaging and powerful video strategy that will excite your audience talking about your exciting new venture.

Collaborate with Experts

Not so long ago, commissioning a production company was a serious annual budget discussion.  Yet, no longer is it the case thanks to businesses like ours, who have a background of BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Endemol, Tiger Aspect, Ricochet (amongst others) it’s about showing a story.  More can be found from an earlier article ‘Tell your audience nothing, show them everything!’ and the story really is everything (I’ll help you over a coffee!).

When it comes to the more technical aspects of video making, this can be tested within your team – or indeed we can train through a workshop, but… this isn’t a post to sell our services, this is for you.


Have a Video Strategy in Place

Here’s a leading question, yet we can almost guarantee your answer. You’ve spent months planning every aspect of your startup business? You’ve got solid objectives, challenging targets, you’re aware of the actions you’ll take at each stage of the process – you know you’re prepared as it’s written in your notepad! Your video marketing strategy should be the same. Here are the main things you need to consider when drawing up your video strategy:

  • Where will the video be published? Top Travall Tip: not just social media. Use it in your website and emails.
  • How much time can you realistically devote to video?
  • How well do you know your target demographic? There are metrics and analytics we can help you with.
  • What types of videos would you like to make? Humour, informative, corporate… you decide.
  • Spend time deciding what your videos should say about your startup. What tone would work best?

Remember: spend time promoting all your videos not just the latest ones. Always use and include links to your videos on your social media channels.

Our popular post How To Connect With Your Audience Through Video has saved money for lots of new businesses – check it out!


Video production requires a lot of kit, so don’t go investing, work out a way of working with professionals with a budget you can afford – after all they are the experts – which leaves you doing what you do best… running your own business.

If your business is in the real estate sector, start investing in engaging content for your clients – it’ll show them you’re prepared to invest in your business, their interests and it will lead to referrals.  Personally but also through the increased SEO rankings you’ll receive.

Consider using drone footage as it’s an invaluable part of your video marketing strategy, Travall provide this expertise and we have some great footage, check this out:


They’re becoming increasingly popular and so are 360˚ videos, we started trailing them earlier in the year and from a Directors perspective… WOW, they are tricky to direct.  Everything is in shot, all the time.  You really do need a great story to tell, not just rely on impressive new visuals… they need to return your investment.

If you’d like to read more, check out our post on 360˚ videos: 360 videos in Dubai. How they can affect my business.


By 2019, 80% of all content online will be video. It’s important for all startups to develop a workable, effective video strategy as soon as possible – and build your library.  Please consider, as Google looks to return the most accurate results and favours video 53x more than other content, if your competitors have just one video, they appear over you. It’s a fun way to start showing customers about your business and build a brand identity.

Developing an awesome video strategy takes time – that’s they beauty of digital you can change it if something isn’t working!


Please do let us know what you think to the Free Video Marketing Advice we give and if you have any comments please leave them we love hearing from you. or contact me directly on +971501033515

Have a fantastic day.

Adam Ridgway.

Adam Ridgway
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