Social Media Management is dead

Adam Ridgway
Posted on March 26, 2018, 10:48 am
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Finally, Social Media Management is dead.

You’ll have noticed over the months or years, that many social media agencies are struggling with the ability to deliver ROI, real results – this isn’t just down to them of course, it’s the ever-evolving algorithms.

So, following our accolade as disrupters  – we wanted to change this – but how?  What can we do differently?  How much should Social Media cost? How can we offer a guarantee?

Following our recent article “If Content is King, let it reign” and several coffee chats… it was simple – We needed to prove our theorem! A few targeted and select clients a free consultation, discovering their hang ups and issues and what they really wanted to achieve, analysing Video Marketing Stats, then after many late nights and workshops we devised a plan (one so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a fox – for anyone remembering Blackadder).

Our discovery sessions revealed that:

  • 92% don’t have a focused content marketing strategy.
  • 90% of these ‘didn’t have the time’ to focus on Social Media.
  • 68% of clients had were just following ‘what they thought worked’.
  • 85% of clients didn’t have separate budgets for Social, Content Creation and AdSpend.
  • 72% understand the importance of video and 93% didn’t know how to implement (many had budget constraints)
  • 20% of clients didn’t have video content in their budgets for 2018.
  • 100% of them welcomed the idea of an all in one package that would:
    • Give them organisational freedom.
    • Build them a content Marketing Strategy.
    • Provide a series of effective content each month.
    • Fixed budget solutions.
    • In-house Social Media Training
    • Deliver a guaranteed return.

    WHAT WE OFFER          

  • 3 month marketing strategy            
  • Videography (every month)                                       
  • Photography (every month)
  • Creative ideas                                  
  • Online Promotion
  • Free web and app publishing
  • Confidence


  • You need ROI, we deliver that
  • Most social agencies don’t guarantee results
  • We adapt and evolve campaigns in real-time
  • You can work to a fixed budget with one specialist agency
  • To ensure you meet your KPIs
  • We are fanatic about the psychology of Online Marketing
  • We drastically reduce your workload


Simply try us out for one month and let us prove it. 

You might ask, what is the quality of content produced at the rates we offer, instead of us telling you, let’s show you.  Below you’ll see a series of videos regarding travel, tourism and hospitality. In 2017 Travall produced nearly 1,800 videos for our clients.

Destination Hong Kong

Destination Hong Kong – click to play

The Proposal Dubai International Airport

The Proposal – click to play

IBIS One Central - Cubano Lito Travall World

IBIS One Central – click to play

For a broader idea of what we can create please click below to visit our YouTube Channel:

Travall World – Sharing experiences through video – click the pic!


You may be wondering “How much should Social Media cost?”. or thinking “What a great investment” – either way we are confident in the value of our offering, we’ve tried and tested it and can showcase our success at out next meeting.

How much should Social Media cost?

To discover the value and investment, book an appointment, and we also guarantee we will work within your budget!


We aren’t trying to dispose of Social Media agencies, as they have been working hard for several years to get to where you are, but times change and Travall World are that one agency you come across, where nothing is outsourced and you don’t have to consider any other resource.

What does it mean for the daily posting and Social Management?  You’ll have to ask us in person.


I’m personally inviting you to contact me directly and discuss how we can work together:

Adam Ridgway



How much should Social Media cost? How much should Social Media cost? How much should Social Media cost? How much should Social Media cost? How much should Social Media cost? How much should Social Media cost? How much should Social Media cost? How much should Social Media cost? How much should Social Media cost? How much should Social Media cost?

Adam Ridgway
I started Travall as a community of like-minded, experience searching nomads, connecting people to places before they've even visited, and for those already there, to share their experiences through their eyes. We've evolved since then and now you'll discover rewards for content creation, prizes, experiences and other rewards as a way of saying thank you for taking the time to share your life. I'm a creative problem solver, eager tourist and have a hunger for getting lost. Follow my journey and let me discover yours.

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