How video has changed tourism

In an age where video is the closest thing to experiencing a destination real time, are you on board?


Is video changing tourism? Yes it is. Visitors are experience led.  Stop selling product – sell the experience of your property, and do it through video.

‘Travallers’ are spending more time watching online videos than ever before.  Views of travel-related content are up 118% year over year and according to the data.  Travallers are increasingly using mobile devices to consume travel-related videos anytime and anywhere.  In 2013, mobile devices accounted for roughly 30% of all travel video views, with mobile viewing up 97% on smartphones and 205% on tablets, year over year.

It makes sense to see tourist destinations and attractions on top of primary categories for travel videos on YouTube, knowing 87% of Travallers start their travel search online with an overwhelming majority (67%) undecided about their next destination.  It’s interesting to see that most travel suppliers have jumped, or are jumping on the video bandwagon, in particular cruise & charters, hotels, resorts and accommodation showing the strongest growth and user generated content being the fastest growth of all. Yet, many are not using this information and trend analysis to benefit their business.

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Also, unsurprisingly airlines coming in second position with one out of every five travel video views.  Because travel is a lifestyle-oriented vertical, it’s no wonder travel enthusiasts seem to be more interested in topics such as; restaurants, spas, food & drinks or sports.  As these make up an important part of any travel experience. Travel content creators take note: it’s not just about “travel” but rather the whole experience itself.  As seen in the thousands of Travaller Video Reviews on the app.

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