At.Mosphere Lounge

Much has been made of the 122nd-floor Grill Room at Dubai’s loftiest restaurant, At.mosphere, but its lounge (called — wait for it — The Lounge) shouldn’t be overlooked. Yes, the ridiculously severe dress code still applies (do long-sleeved shirts really make a difference?) and yes, there is a minimum spend of Dhs200 per person (worth remembering if you’re just planning on nipping up to take a few photographs), but there’s where the downsides end. The service is impeccable, the bar menu simple but divine and the view is obviously outstanding, even more so now that you can head upstairs at 5pm to watch the sun set. As a regular haunt, there are easier locations to dress for and actually get to, but as the occasional treat, or for hosting visitors who want something unique, it’s unbeatable.