Much like Lobo, Kachins’ equally grand rival round the corner, this long-established store prides itself on being an elite, highly regarded fashion emporium. Forget all notions of cupboard-sized shops hidden down back alleys — Kachins is an extensive, well-appointed store where tea is served and guests can relax on sofas while browsing through style magazines for inspiration. There’s a good range of Indian outfits on show here — ideal for weddings. If you’re just after a business suit and shirt, head past the colourful gowns and sequined slippers and rifle through the more sober cashmere wools on display. The assistants are helpful without being pushy and you’ll find plenty of materials to choose from. (Tip: they don’t like you taking in your own fabrics unless it’s something they can’t source themselves — they’ll tell you they ‘can’t trust the quality’). We were after a slim-fitting two-piece number and were mindful of the fact that the cut is the key to a good suit — previous tailors in Dubai had always made suits that still looked like they were on the hanger once we tried them on; probably because we’d always ask the man with the tape to ‘think Paul Weller circa 1981’— which unsurprisingly met with blank stares. But what makes Kachins superior — and meant we got the look we wanted — is that they insist on two fittings and a final check before the suit is finished. Even if the measurements aren’t quite right, you’ll still get to try on the roughly tacked version and get them to make adjustments before the final stitching takes place. And to finish the job properly, there’s a range of different collar and cuff styles to choose from. It all adds up to a suit that you can craft exactly as you wish it to be. And for that, it’s worth every penny (That’s Dhs600, minus the material).